consept development


«» is one of the leading equestrian websites in Norway with up to 40.000 readers every month, and 11.000 followers on facebook and 2.600 followers on instagram.

The sites concept, identity and logo is developed by me. I´m responsible for:

  • Editing all content and articles
  • Writing articles and producing marketing content
  • Social media management.

EQUIPEDIA logo 2.1.

Equipedia logo facebook is a «library» or «equestrian wikipedia» where you can find knowledge related to horses and horsesport.

Readers can search for scientific based knowledge and «all about horses» articles. This concept can easily become a paper magazine as well. The webpage has readers all over the world.

This concept webpage and logo is created by me. The webpage is created in wordpress.

Fram Bryr Seg image

I have contributed in the development of the concept «FramBryrSeg» and I have created the webpage in wordpress and written all content.




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