w e l c o m e

P E R S P E C T I V E S  &  F R A M E W O R K

I love to succeed with storytelling and appealing content, digital marketing and to create identities through the variations of communication options that tries for our attention in modern times. In other words: I love making things happen and to make people happy. My strength in doing so is knowledge about the perspectives and frameworks in modern society.


The myriad of framesworks in modern society makes it even more important to build identity and recognition. Photo: Jessica Ruscello

I believe when knowledge and understanding meets creativity, communication, connection and action is inevitable. Perspectives like sociology, psychology, pedagogy, socioeconomics, behavioral economics and anthropology gives important reflections about our world, and how we can connect with each other in it.

D O N ´ T  G E T  L O S T

Identity is about standing out and understanding what makes you different and unique. But identity is about more than uniqueness; it´s also about adaption! Adapting is crucial for survival. Standing out is crucial for growth and rekognition. Know your colors, your landscape and your framework, know your audience, know yourself. Don´t get lost.

[INFOGRAPHIC]: The 10 Commandments of Color TheoryCourtesy of: Designmantic.com

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